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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How to use the videos so that I can really do my own makeup?    The answer to this is to practice, practice and practice. If you were hiring a makeup artist to come to your wedding event venue to get you ready, you would have purchased a trial session before the wedding. So be sure and schedule time for you to practice your own “trial session” before the wedding. I recommend doing your full face at least 3 times before the wedding and in the same time range as your wedding day plans. So if you are getting married at 4 pm, and plan to start dressing at 1 pm, then do your at home trial in that time frame to monitor your makeup and skin with the application.

2.  How do I know what the makeup really looks like after I’ve practiced my bridal makeup application?  Simple! Take a photo and take it from as many camera options that you have for comparison.  Take a selfie with your phone. Snap a photo from your tablet. Use the camera on your laptop for a photo. Have a friend or family member take a photo of you in your practice makeup look. Take a photo indoors, outdoors and with a flash and without.  Those couple of clicks on the camera will help you tailor your look as well as test the wear of the application in photos.

3.  I’m a destination bride – what if my makeup gets lost, confiscated by TSA, damaged in travel or forgotten?  No worries! A little pre-wedding prep for the travel will help you.  Prior to leaving research the closest drugstore to your wedding hotel as a back up plan for shopping at in an emergency for your lost makeup.  Or, order an all inclusive palette from Amazon and have it sent to your destination hotel that way if something gets lost or damaged you have a back up and if nothing happens, you have a great story about the wedding planning and an extra makeup palette.

4.  I got a severe sunburn the day before the wedding and my face is bright red – how do I fix this and still look photo ready for my bridal makeup?  This happens a lot at beach and destination weddings – and it can be fixed by treating the skin with aloe vera gel, or raw fresh aloe vera continuously before the wedding. When applying your bridal makeup, use a green powder, creme or liquid to tone down the red. The same green concealer you have for a pimple emergency is the same green you can use spread out thinly over the face to calm the red tone.

5.  English is not my first language and I want to use the video course?  We are working on adding subtitles!

6. Do you offer a refund?  Given the nature of the instant access video course, we do not at this time.

7.  Will I look like the brides in magazines after using this bridal makeup video course?  No, you will look better! You will be your own version of your most beautiful self. The bridal magazines are heavily edited and the photos do not represent a real life appearance and look of the makeup.

8. What is the best foundation for bridal makeup?  This is the one day I recommend not using a foundation with spf in it because the oxides in sunscreen can cause a white appearance in the face as the pigments reflect the flash of the camera.  Choose a foundation with a finish and coverage that you are comfortable in.

9. When I apply false lashes I can see them and it obstructs my vision, any suggestions?  Yes! Your eye sight will adjust to the added fringe. Remember to practice wearing them several times before the wedding. Remove them very gently and store on the plastic card they come on so they maintain the shape and can be re-used. Most lashes can be worn several times. Just pull the old worn glue off before re-applying.

10. Can the makeup looks taught in the videos be used for other events? Yes! The makeup lessons in DiY Bridal Makeup are ever green can be re-used and re-worn in any type of life setting that you are wearing makeup.


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